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Why Do Members Join the Indiana CPA Society?

Member Benefits

Members gain access to a wide range of exclusive services and programs designed to give them an advantage in today's competitive environment.

  • Legislative advocacy to introduce and sponsor legislation that affects the CPA profession
  • Public relations programs to promote the values, competencies and services of CPAs to the general public and other entities
  • Networking events for knowledge sharing and awareness
  • Professional development offerings to facilitate professional enhancement and satisfy continuing professional education requirements
  • Opportunities for a variety of member participation:
    • CPA Center of Excellence® Online Community
      Members participate in discussion forums and can upload profiles and photos for networking
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Programs for members to speak to students
    • Legislative KeyPersons Program
      Matches members with state legislators

Types of Membership

Eligibility for membership in the Indiana CPA Society requires a license to practice as a CPA, being registered as a non-practicing CPA under the laws of any state, district, or territory of the United States, or working toward earning a CPA. Affiliate status is available to individuals with an interest in the profession and must be recommended by a CPA member.

  • Resident Member
    All persons who hold certificates as CPAs and who reside or have their principal place of business within the state of Indiana
  • Government/Education Member
    Resides or works in Indiana in government or educational position
  • Non-Resident Member
    All persons who hold certificate as CPAs but do not reside or have their principal place of business within the state of Indiana
  • Associate Member
    All persons who have officially passed the CPA Exam but do not currently hold a valid certificate
  • CPA Candidate Member
    All persons who have graduated from an accredited college or university and have become eligible to complete the CPA Exam
  • Affiliate Member
    Persons who are working in or involved with the CPA profession
  • Student Member
    Currently enrolled as students in accredited colleges or universities and are pursuing a degree in accounting