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After Graduation

All answers are specific to the requirements in Indiana. Should you plan to become licensed in another state, be sure to read and understand the rules & regulations set by that state's board of accountancy. Requirements vary from state-to-state.

Can I sit for the CPA Exam when I'm still completing my course work?
No. If you plan to become licensed in Indiana, you cannot sit for the CPA Exam until you’ve met the 150-credit hour requirement.

How soon after graduation should I sit for the CPA Exam?
Begin taking the exam as soon as possible. Your work load isn’t going to get easier and it’s best to take the exam while the information is still fresh.

Can I apply early?
Yes! Sixty (60) days prior to completing the 150-credit hour requirement, you may apply to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam. You'll follow the same application process, but you'll also send need to have a certificate of enrollment form sent to CPA Exam Services.

If I will graduate on Dec. 11 (meeting the 150 credit hour requirement), when can I apply to sit for the Uniform CPA Exam? If you will meet the 150 credit hour requirement on Dec. 11, you can apply for the CPA Exam 60 days before Dec. 11.

Who does the letter from the institution (COE) need to come from? The guidance office, records office, teacher, etc.?
For early application, your schools dean or registrar will need to complete the certificate of enrollment form and the academic institution must send it directly to CPA Exam Services. 
When must I prove that I’ve graduated and met the necessary education requirements?
You must submit proof to CPA Exam Services that you have met the 150 credit hour requirement no later than 60 days immediately following the end of the window in which the candidate sits for the examination. 

Where do I send proof that I have graduated?
Send proof to CPA Examination Services-IN, P.O. Box 198469, Nashville, TN 37219 

What if I forget to prove I met the education requirement?
If you applied and passed a section of the CPA Exam and fail to provide proof of the 150-credit-hour requirement, the Indiana Board of Accountancy and/or CPA Exam Services may cancel any examination scores received by a candidate who failes to meet the requirements.

Once I've graduated, how do I get the ball rolling?
You will fill out the First-time Application and pay the necessary fees. CPA Exam Services must receive the completed first-time application, application and examination fees, official transcripts and foreign evaluations, if applicable. Once your materials are received and reviewed, NASBA will issue a Notice to Schedule. You then have six months to schedule your first Exam.

How long will it take to receive a notice to schedule?
It typically takes between six and eight weeks for a first time candidate.