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After the Exam

All answers are specific to the requirements in Indiana. Should you plan to become licensed in another state, be sure to read and understand the rules & regulations set by that state's board of accountancy. Requirements vary from state-to-state.

Once I've passed the CPA Exam, what's next?
Congrats! The difficult part is over. The next step is determining if you've met the experience requirements. If you already have 24 months of full-time employment that meets the requirements, you can apply for the CPA license . If you do not, you must meet the employment requirements before applying for the CPA license.

I did an internship at a CPA firm in college, does this time count toward the experience requirement?
Yes. Internships count. Experience in fractions of months will be counted.

I record information into the general ledger at my church, does this count toward the experience requirement?
No. Clerical functions will not count toward meeting the experience requirements. Clerical functions are positions that do not have accounting significance, including doing merely mathematical calculations, account analysis (looking into accounting books for specific information already recorded), merely recording information into the general ledger (as opposed to compiling the information).