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Education Requirements

All answers are specific to the requirements in Indiana. Should you plan to become licensed in another state, be sure to read and understand the rules & regulations set by that state's board of accountancy. Requirements vary from state-to-state.

I'm considering a career shift, but my undergraduate degree isn't in accounting. Can I become a CPA?
Yes! To sit for the CPA Exam, CPA candidates must meet the 150-credit hour requirement. Within these 150 credit hours, a specific number of accounting and business administration courses must be taken. Since you already have an undergraduate degree, you have already fulfilled the majority of the 150-credit hour requirement. Now, you'll need to make sure you take the proper number of accounting and business administration hours. Review the educational requirements provided by NASBA.

What specific classes do I need to take?
There is not a specific list of required classes. However, you must meet the educational requirements set by the Indiana Board of Accountancy. The accounting hours must include at least one course covering financial accounting, auditing, taxation and managerial accounting. The business administration courses may include up to six hours of business and tax law courses and up to six hours of computer science courses. Review the educational requirements provided by NASBA.

I've met the accounting & business administration course requirements. What other classes should I take to reach 150-credit hour?
The Indiana CPA Society recommends taking classes that will help prepare you for the CPA Exam and your future career as a CPA. Simply taking yoga, ceramics or bowling, although fun, is not going to help you succeed in your future career. Taking elective accounting and business courses, a public speaking class or even a business writing class are all great options.

How do I know if the classes I've taken meet the requirements? Am I on the right track?
First, set an appointment with your advisor. He/she should be able to answer these questions. Another option is to have a transcript pre-evaluation conducted by CPA Exam Services. Pre-evaluations are advisory in nature and are not a final determination of eligibility. A pre-evaluation allows a candidate to correct academic deficiencies prior to submitting an Indiana First-time Application for the Uniform CPA Examination. There is a $50 fee.

To begin the application process (whether for a first time application or a pre-evaluation), candidates should now go to Candidates will create an online user account and then submit their application. All future applications will be submitted through the same user account. A candidate can also use that account to view the application status, see scores, and reprint an active Notice to Schedule.

If I took Intermediate Accounting at my former school and then again at my current school, will both credits count toward the 150-credit hour requirement?
No. College courses with substantial duplication of content may be counted only one time toward the requirements. This does not apply to internships.

What if I do not complete the necessary education requirements?
The Indiana Board of Accountancy and/or CPA Exam Services may cancel your notice to schedule and/or cancel any examination scores received by a candidate who fails to meet the requirements.