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Do You Have What It Takes?

Most CPAs possess the same sort of skills and aptitudes and enjoy certain procedures that draw them to the field. To see if you have similar likes, aptitudes and interests and would be happy with a career as a CPA, answer the following questions.

Do you...

  • enjoy giving advice to others?
  • enjoy meeting new people and discussing their business possibilities?
  • find it satisfying to know that you have helped others succeed?
  • consider yourself a problem-solver?
  • prefer to work in an organized environment?
  • want a college degree that will allow you to choose from a variety of career paths and areas of expertise?
  • want a career that has a competitive salary and many opportunities for advancement?
  • want a career that offers security and stability, even in times of economic hardship?
  • have a sense of order and focus?
  • feel comfortable working with technology such as computers, laptops, cell phones and fax machines with the proper instruction?
  • enjoy seeing the results of your hard work and dedication to a project or assignment?
  • feel that details are an important part of your work and can stay focused on details without losing sight of the big picture?

If you answered "Yes" six or more questions then a degree in accounting may be just the thing for you!

Even if you answered "No" to more than six questions, check out our site anyway. Once you understand what a career as a CPA could mean, you may want to change your answers!

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