This series is designed specifically for you - CFOs and aspiring CFOs!

Time: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. local time
CPE: 8 hrs per course
Cost: $339 per course for members; $493 per course for nonmembers
Locations: INCPAS Prof. Dev. & Conf. Ctr., Indianapolis and Grand Wayne Center, Fort Wayne

You can attend one or some of the following courses.


Managing Your Resources
Part 1: Learn why your company must be a learning organization and make continuous learning affordable; how to gather and interpret non-financial data; how to get the most from your information systems; and how to attract and keep the best people.

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SEPTEMBER 25 - includes 8 hrs A&A

Budgets and Projections
Part 2: Learn the current best practices in forecasting to help prepare better budgets and projections; how to become a great predictor; and how financial professionals and their organizations can prepare for an uncertain future.

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OCTOBER 31 - includes 4 hrs Ethics

Honing Your Management Style
Part 3: Learn why quiet leaders are so successful; how to create a cohesive team; how to recognize and deal with others who are unethical; and how to use a 15-step action plan to gain commitment from your team members, build trust, hold each person accountable and create results for your organization.

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NOVEMBER 27 - includes 6 hrs A&A

Technical Competence
Part 4: Learn about COSO Updates; the new standards for revenue and lease accounting that will go into effect; how to identify the right performance metrics for your organization, organize them in to a balanced scorecard and use them to improve organizational performance; and how to raise capital.

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Reinventing the Finance Role
Part 5: Learn how to reinvent the finance role; why some financial managers succeed while others fail; find common ground with the different generations who make up the current workforce; and what makes the Trappist Monks successful.

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SEPTEMBER 17 - includes 8 hrs A&A

Essential Skills
Part 1: Learn essential skills such as eliminating wasteful tasks; how to use performance metrics to reduce forecasting work; taking a closer look at principled negotiation; and how to save time and get results by writing more effectively.

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OCTOBER 29 - includes 2 hrs A&A

Driving and Managing Progress
Part 2: Learn how to drive corporate performance to create a competitive advantage; how good companies become great; what every financial manager must know about risk analysis and management; and how to deal with individual resistance to change and cultural inertia that prevent an organization from reaching its goals.

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DECEMBER 10 - includes 8 hrs A&A

Managing Risk
Part 3: Learn topics on risk, such as the importance of preparing for unpredictability; the six mega trends that may create hazards and opportunities for your business; how to maintain integrity of management's disclosures; and how to protect against fraud.

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