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Tax List Serv

What is a List Serv?

  • Networking 24 hours a day
  • Send your messages to everyone on the listserv by sending only one e-mail message to
  • Reply to everyone with one e-mail message
  • Receive responses and suggestions from numerous peers
  • Post messages about topics important to the subscribers
  • Pick up helpful tips and get advice from others who share the same interests or offer the same services
  • Form alliances with others who need the services you provide

Top 10 Ways to Make the List Serv Work for You

  1. Remember there are no stupid questions.
  2. Respect the opinions of others on the list
  3. Include a portion or a summary of the message you are responding to
  4. Contribute to the list; don’t just benefit from the list
  5. Include a subject line
  6. Include your name, e-mail address and organization in your e-mails
  7. Don’t send attachments to the entire list
  8. Don’t disparage your organization or other organizations.
  9. Don’t post commercial messages
  10. Remember that what you post will go to the entire list serv unless you reply directly to the other list member

Send your message to the ListServ at